Leave ambiguous picture is qualitative ” quanta is broken ” appreciation of scheme of check of the PC 4K after updating

” quanta is broken ” added an option newlier recent, allow a player to shut rebuild technology (Reconstruction Tech) . Rebuild a kind of technology that the technology is the use in XB1 edition game actually, the game after using this technology is met with apply colours to a drawing of a kind of low resolution, enlarge the resolution of your place set next. Accordingly this also is why picture of game of edition of the PC when put on sale is more ambiguous.

Allow a player newlier the nearliest to shut this one apply colours to a drawing fortunately technology, the player can see clearer original resolution sticks a graph. Foreign player shared resolution of a batch of 4K now, shut rebuild the game picture after the technology, everybody can be experienced below.

Be worth what carry is, ” quanta is broken ” it is the game that general Windows platform develops the 2nd use Microsoft, support DX12, but still do not support SLI at present. Because this only card even if is GTX 980Ti,also cannot be below 4K resolution achieve 20 frame, this also is why the store that a lot of people are fed up with Microsoft.

The plan of cut of 4K resolution game that the player shares is below, because 4K resolution is too big,do not pass, foreign media had reduced sampling to arrive 1080P resolution. If you have fun at,examine without compression 4K resolution cut pursues, click here to download.

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