“Strategy of investment of fund of national group ” rises to surface to underestimate a cost blue preparing is to love most

Accompany fund annals 上海贵族宝贝

exposure ended 2016, the investment tendercy of the fund of 5 nations group that gets attention fully a上海夜网论坛

lso rises to surface. In experience field of A stock market arrived from 1000 fusing last year after long concussion prices, national group fund appears to the market trend 2017 slant positive attitude. Fund manager people think, still give priority to with structural sex prices this year, the key attention underestimates a cost blue chip investment opportunity.

Total last year loss 8.8 billion

In July 2015, card gold company announces with 200 billion yuan explain buy division of 5 fund company to la上海龙凤论坛

y foundation, horizontal strokes of 5 national group fund of 40 billion yuan of dimensions are born for nothing. As 2016 the exposure of annals, the investment last year behaves these 5 fund to also rise to surface.

Statistic of day photograph data shows, fund of 5 nations group is total last year deficit 8.838 billion yuan, and the corresponding period is all fair collect 上海千花网论坛

fund is total deficit one hundred and seventy-five billion four hundred and seventy million yuan. In fact, because hold water in those days excellent performance, up to 2016 in year, fund of 5 nations group still has 1.542 billion yuan of profit, but last year the concussion prices of second half of the year, make finally outstanding achievement of national group fund by be filled with turn deficient.

From sheet in light of the expression of fund, vivid A of the Feng Qingling that enrol business countered city gain last year 101 million yuan, it is the makes money exclusively product in fund of 5 nations group. Be worth what carry is, since this fund holds water, accumulative total gains profit 1.752 billion yuan, be on 5 fund first place likewise. Will look from asset configuration, this fund last year the stock storehouse of annual from beginning to end under 30% , and in the market the the four seasons of remarkable callback is spent, more the storehouse cut to 17.3% . In the meantime, fund heavy storehouse holds some Chinese buildings, China the stock such as share of profit of divine China, Yi, all obtained last year bigger go up.

In addition, the profitable ability of easy square Da Ruihui and southern consumption vigor is very outstanding also, although two fund parted last year deficit 2.67 billion yuan, 770 million yuan, but net profit still realizes since holding water 654 million yuan mix 390 million yuan.

Annual adopts defense strategy

From the point of industry configuration angle, manufacturing industry and financial industry are national group fund most investment direction of the preference.

Up to last year the end of the year, market prise of manufacturing industry of hold of A of benefit of vigor of new opportunity of new economy of an ancient name for China, fine fact, southern consumption, Yi Fangda luck and action Shang Fengqing holds each self-purification asset respectively 30.27% , 34.51% , 16.56% , 8.95% with 5.52% , outside mixing A except the Fengqing that enrol business, market prise is occupied than all be the first. In addition, the industry that financial industry celebrates A in the abundant that enrol business is occupied in configuration than the first, and 3 fund adjust vigor of new economy of an ancient name for China, southern consumption and benefit of Yi Fangda luck the hold scale of financial industry all is next to manufacturing industry.

Driven condition angle looks, national group fund is in the strategy that whole adopted contractive defence last year. The complete data maintaining a warehouse that annals publishs shows, easy square Da Ruihui is by last year December in all hold 245, relatively 2015 the 上海千花社区

end of the year reduced 56. Among them, the bank of the people’s livelihood, bank that start line of business and in letter negotiable securities list its to decreased before holding a list of names posted up 3 last year.

than below, new economy of an ancient name for China is spent dispersedly in investment go up to did not change apparently, the end of the year added up to last year hold 291, compare only the end of the year reduced 6 2015. Nevertheless, this fund adopted relatively conservative strategy likewise, annual buys Hua Dongke ability and black cat share only 2 stocks, and in before accumulative total sells an amount 20 stocks, the city is cast accuse, lie dragon is electric before be being ranked with person blessing medicine 3.

Stare at closely underestimate a cost blue chip

Look into 2上海贵族宝贝论坛

017, fine fact new opportunity points out, domestic economy data predicts relatively smooth, but it is certain that the level sex of real-estate industry, automobile industry drops in temperature to add fast generation possibly to economy pressure. The body amount of Chinese economy is larger already, although the flexibility of demand gross is not big, but still can have opportunity of sex of a lot of structures, of traditional industry and burgeoning industry add fast will still continue to split up.

New economy of an ancient name for China thinks, of PPI pick up considerably will push tall CPI secondhand through raising cost, inflation picks up will drive company profit to be improved continuously. Market liquidity had bigger uncertainty 2017. Be based on afore-mentioned setting, predicting stock market will present prices of level sex, structure sex first half of the year 2017.

Experienced 2016 after dropping, the appraise value of partial industry already tended reasonable, future still values appraise to be worth low grail relatively blue plan a share, but the uncertainty that anabiosises considering economy, predicting future will be given priority to with structural sex prices. Easy square Da Ruihui expresses.

Southern consumption vigor also expressed similar view, its predict, security market will be farther 2017 repair, but of calm danger interest rate pick up to be added with the money fast drop will squelch all asset value, the possibility of big ox city is inferior, maintain the probability that concussion perhaps goes up concussion is small bigger.

Be based on above judgement, fund will continue to maintain neuter warehouse, still configure mainly on the structure underestimate a cost blue chip. In the meantime, a few years in the past the setting of economic be issued to lower levels falls, the competitive pattern of partial industry had clear improvement, the market of bibcock company is had rate promote continuously, competitive advantage is distinct, and this kind a direction that also will be its key attention.

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