” cast off poverty ” the historical mission that the 2 Lianzheng construction that the book picks are a Communist

Came 1988 1990, xi Jinping holds the post of secretary of perfectural Party committee of peaceful heart of the Communist Party 上海千花网交友

of China

What does person of ● our Chinese Communist rely on to get common feelings of people? Those who上海龙凤论坛

lean is clean-fingered act according to fair, serve for people heart and soul. This is a truth.

The essence of the tenet of ● our party and socialistic system, decided we are flagrant of corrupt phenomenon cause and spread. Our target is: Want to expand economy already, want clean-fingered government, clear and bright politics wind again!

The Communist should assume ● the historical mission that r上海龙凤论坛sh1f

emoves Lian Zhengjian to set, allow to weigh and t爱上海同城论坛

he path is far. We must have passed two close. The first closing is ego closes, the 2nd closing阿拉爱上海同城

is favor closes.

● cadre quality is low, ideology is bad, not only one of main reasons that are generation corruption phenomenon, also be to punish one of corrupt obstacl爱上海同城

es. Oneself is frame-up, why person? Below An Tian, must first its body.

● anti-corruption is defeated to want to involve specific person necessarily, if involve oneself good friend, classmate, relation, it is upright not A, impartial and incorruptible, lenient still, the important matter is changed small, was bagatelle changed? If so, we lose a principle on one individual body, we can lose faith on 1 billion popular feeling!

● we still must start work from go up at all the breeding ground that eradicates corrupt phenomenon Lai Yisheng to put. What is hotbed? Abusive influence, this is a breeding ground.

How can ● just let people be at ease? A very important step is to build Zhang Li to make. Build system of one a complete set of, comprehensive system to be mixed in order to restrict of superintendence force use, this is the essential sex measure that puts an end to corruption.

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