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Also be to contain a few quantity of heat among grapefruit, the people during this reduces weight to lying can feel is not dare eat so, but actually though inside contain rife dextrose, the composition such as fructose and cane sugar, but also do not have so high quantity of heat, it is soShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Adipose accumulation is too much among the body also be to be able to eat this kind of fruit, and still can have better to effect reducing weight, inside cent disintegrate adipose.

 The quantity of heat of grapefruit
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[Function] flavour pleasant, acerbity, the gender is cool. Can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, aid digestion, with the stomach.

[Referenced] contain the part such as C of dextrose, cane sugar, fructose, protein, adipose, vitamin, citric acid, calcic, phosphor.

Insulin appearance part is contained in fresh fruit juice, can reduce blood sugar.

[Utility] use at gastric shade to be on bad terms, thirsty be perturbed, or drink excessive; is dyspeptic, food decreases, or the stomach enrages disaccord, disgusting vomit is gone against.

[Usage] pare bead extraction flesh is fed, or the drink that wring juice.

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Edible quantity had better not exceed 200 grams, a day of one big piece can. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, grapefruit sex is cold, accordingly, the person with body cold empty is unfavorable eat more. [8]

 The quantity of heat of grapefruit

Hairdressing effect

Grapefruit contains the element with very rich protein, organic acid, vitamin and the essential human body such as calcic, phosphor, magnesian, natrium, other fruit place is likened to this hard, to blain blain skin has very good improvement action.

The flesh of grapefruit and skin also are contained quite the vitamin of content, mineral and cellulose, some yellow ketone material are contained in shaddock skin, fight phlogistic action apparent, action of specific to blain of phlogistic sex blain recuperation.

Abundantly fiber and vitaminic C are contained a lot ofin grapefruit tea, tipple grapefruit tea can be recuperated bilge aid digestion of gas, side, improvement constipation, decompose grease, can raise Yan Meirong, beautiful white skin more, the blain blain that to constipation, bowel path toxin accumulation causes has dispel effect. [9]

The vitamin P that grapefruit contains can function of stoma of aggrandizement skin hair, accelerate the refreshment of wounded skin organization, and the quantity of heat that grapefruit place contains is extremely low, it reduces weight, the function of beautiful skin, accord with a female extremely ” natural beauty ” principle, it is female autumn the fruit of optimum choice.

 The quantity of heat of grapefruit

The grapefruit skin that treats chilblain must want insolation, boil water with cutcha grapefruit skin, burn very thick when the place of frostbite of the hot compress that use water. But want to notice, spread does not want when chilblain has damaged, in the meantime, should notice ” two hold to ” . The first, hold to oneFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Use hot compress of this kind of method in the winter, even if in hot compress period of time, chilblain alleviates somewhat, also do not quit; the 2nd, want to note the problem of hot compress. In hot compress firm in the begining, towel temperature does not want too very hot. Temperature should raise gradually after waiting for frostbite place to suit, highest when should take out towel direct hot compress from inside boiler. Had held to this at 2 o’clock, can close toNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Restore into frostbite, also avoid winter of the coming year to relapse again.

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