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Article introduction

Tensile implement a kind of common fitness equipment is in our life. Tensile implement use method also is varied, different use kind can exercise our body the muscle of different position. Besides, still have pulling force of a kind of footwork implement the strength that can help us exercise the muscle on the leg and crural ministry. So is footwork tensile implement how should be used? Pulling force of one offal force introduces to everybody below implement use method.

Footwork is tensile implement what is use method

Row — go up carry on the back

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Sitting position, one sufficient walk pull maintain the foot of a wall (fixed) , both hands (and) grasp another pull do rowForum of Shanghai night net

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The leg is bent extend — quadriceps

Sitting position, one sufficient walk pull fixed, another sufficient ring is pulled, both hands across holds genu in the palm to bend fixed knee joint, crus makes Qu Shen motion (90 degrees) .

Pedal is lifted,Fall in love with the sea

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Sitting position, both hands (and) grasp pull a park abdomen, one sufficient walk pull a pedal to lift.

Straight leg is pulled forcedly — next backs and waist abdomen

Station appearance, tensile implement ground of buy of one aspect of the matter, one sufficient walk to pull, both hands (and) grasp another pull, straight leg is pulled forcedly.

It is facilitating training, pull appearance is changeable, be like V form (advocate experienced humerus flesh and antebrachium flesh) , and become dismountable.

Basically be the musculature that exercises upper limbs, but should note behavioral level, otherwise possible meeting causes back or lumbar abdomen sarcous pulls an injury to wait a moment, the movement is very simple, tiptoe touchdown, prevent pulling force implement play piece, body pitch, with ancon joint my activity is standard, make proneness arm. Attention, the upper arm must intensify, maintain do not move, such ability take exercise effectively.

Smooth sit on the ground, spread double leg, put two feet in in strong and handsome implement in securing a foot to step, use around of divide evenly force to pull with both hands handholding handle next move, but strong arm of be good at leg.

Body station sets two feet likewise continuously in securing a foot to step, with both hands handholding handle exerts oneself to do sth. fluctuation is pulled move, estimate one’s abilities repeats for many times, can improve the health.

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The understanding of the face. Correct use is tensile implement can help us move not onlyForum of Shanghai night net

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Fitness, return can effective help male friends model more perfect figure. Go to doing not have time at ordinary times for the friends of gym, all sorts of pulling force implement the content of the first selection that became daily fitness.

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