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A lot of countries have red-eyed trout produce, especially the trout of Japan and Denmark is most famous, the practice is more also, suit decoct blast to boil bake, taste flavour is especially other and delicious. Can bake for example eat, be buried ancient stemmed cup or bowl is put inside, put ripe egg, after lapping with tinfoil, put 20 minutes are baked inside oven, the delicate trout that bakeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The fish has been done, also can make an egg additionallySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Clear red trout, exceedingly new also delicious ingredient.

How is red-eyed trout done delicious

1 one, raw material: ?  scrupulously and respectfully Φ of Liu of ⑹ of a low bank of earth between fields of J Yan refine ah Can of engrave of small ⒎ of coil of ⒀ of ⒛  province scrupulously and respectfully? of Peng of  of ⑤ of two of  of admonish of Q lofty ⒑ is operated: 1, mellow soil ancient stemmed cup or bowl broken, anchovy puts broken, ripe egg into tinfoil, scatter on onion powder, lemon juice.

How is red-eyed trout done delicious

2, after putting trout, scatter on salt, black peppery brokenLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
, transplant trailing plants is broken, a few clear water, after with tinfoil wrap up is tightened, 20 minutes are baked in putting oven can.

2, with makings butter willow of fish of 1 spoon, red trout 5, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Onion 1, 500g of green Chinese onion, potato 500g, chicken broth, weak cream is teaspoon of 1/2 of teaspoon of 1/3 of 4 spoon, n/bot saffron crosus, salt, white pepper 1/3 teaspoon.

How is red-eyed trout done delicious

Practice: Medium baking temperature heats the butter in boiler, wait for in after melting entirely, breaking onion with green Chinese onion silk puts bowl, break up fry about 2 minutes, fry wafer of potato of the rejoin after giving sweet smell, continue to break up fry 2 minutes.

Pour chicken broth into boiler, small fire turns to boil 20 minutes slow after conflagration boil, join n/bot saffron crosus next, transfer into weak butter, mix what take care tomato patch even. In adding willow of red trout fish pot then, build with small fire continue to boil about 10 minutes slow, transfer into finally salt and white pepper can.

3, egg white red trout raw material: Bright red trout 1 () of about 750 grams, the egg is clear 4, green Chinese onion is white paragraph of 50 grams, pepper sauce 50 grams, cooking wine 25 grams, refined salt 2.5 grams, gourmet powder 2.5 grams, dry starch 75 grams, soya-bean oil 1000 grams (real cost 75 grams) , salt of Chinese prickly ash 25 grams. Condiment: Practice:

1. goes to red trout scale, from branchial ministry gouge branchial and splanchnic, abluent, behead goes first, cut cruelly oppress two, get rid of goes piscine skin, cut grow 5 centimeters, wide the fish with 5 long millimeter, put into the bowl, with makingsShanghai Long Feng forum

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Wine, salt, gourmet powder bloats be soiled 1 minute, tasty, stand-by.

2. puts egg white into the bowl again, lash is bubbly, mix dry starch, tu Bianyu.

3. fries boiler to burn heat, put soya-bean oil, after burning heat, a bit cooling, again the fish enter boiler one by one, scamper 2 minutes, when the carapace that treat a form, fish out, accuse oil, enter dish.

When 4. edible, along with a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt following a flower, very light blue paragraph with pepper sauce each dishful1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, deserve to feed, can characteristic: Colour and lustre is weak yellow, fragile crisp tastily, jiao Xiangwei is hot.

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