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There is a lot of to sell drumstick on the ave shop, and a lot of children like to have fried chicken leg, but a lot of parents fear the drumstick outside is sordid, him hope is made between the kitchen in the home, actually, fried chickenLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The leg is very simple, IShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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People adopt correct technique, can make drumstick very delicate, but flavorring condiment is very cultured, need parents notice. So, is the practice of leg of amylaceous fried chicken what kind of?

The practice of leg of amylaceous fried chicken

One, raw material

Advocate leg of makings young chicken 1 pair. Egg 2. Condiment the plant is oily 500 grams, (Real cost is oily 50 grams) , cooking wine 30 grams, salt 5 grams, wet starch is measured, gourmet powder 5 grams green, Jiang Ge 15 grams, a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt 10 grams.

2, the process that make

(1) will lay drumstick sliver, bone becomes a power, cut off muscle with point of a knife, wear gourmet powder of cooking wine of countless alveolus immerge, salt and the green that cut agglomerate account, Jiang Zhizhong, tasty makes an appointment with 1 ~ 2 hours. (The drumstick with good dip 2) shakes green, ginger, dip in those who go up to be become with egg white, wet amylaceous agitate is thickNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Burnt, in issueing round-bottomed frying pan to heat up oil, with flourishing fire makes an appointment with scamper 15 minutes to show the fish out when golden color, dip in edible of a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt can.

Drumstick 2, egg 2.

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500 grams (real cost is oily 80 grams) , salt 10 grams, gourmet powder wine of 10 grams, carry on is 5 grams, dry unripe pink right amount, breadcrumbs 50 grams.

The practice of leg of amylaceous fried chicken

The practice of leg of amylaceous fried chicken

3, the flow that make

1, drumstick uses hilt bone take out, reoccupy the back of a knife blade takes chicken loose, join wine of salt, gourmet powder, carry on to bloat 30 minutes.

2, egg break up, add clear water, attune giving birth to pink to become paste, hang the drumstick that has bloated burnt, stick on breadcrumbs is stand-by.

3, burn the oil below boiler, wait for oil lukewarm 100 degrees when, outside coming into drumstick blast below crisp in tender scoop dish.

With makings:

The leg below chicken 5 (about 500 grams are heavy) , gan Cong 2, ginger juice 1 spoon, beautiful shrimp paste 1 spoon. Candy half teaspoon, wine 1 spoon, half spoon matchs unripe pink to bloat makings.

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① drumstick is abluent, wipe dry water portion, dissection slightly.

② Gan Cong goes the garment is abluent, chop fine and soft, with ginger juice, shrimp paste, bloat makingsShanghai Long Feng forum

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Mix together divide evenly.

On ③ general material and drumstick mix divide evenly, bloat 1 hour.

④ burns oil to come to be heated up greatly, put drumstick bomb to small yellow, turn medium baking temperature again scamper comes ripe (about 10 to 15 minutes) , fish out, filter goes oily portion, can offer edible.

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