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We know this truth of get ill by the mouth, so present person pays attention to food very much, food wants the collocation of main nutrition not only, still still eat path of a few helpful bowel to clear more the food of rubbish actionLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, for instance cornmeal, passing to eat cereal alone can affect mouthfeel, OK and right amount affiliation a few nut, it is to be able to let nutrition so more comprehensive, so how is nut cornmeal done?

How is nut cornmeal done

The first, how is nut cornmeal done? Nut is knocked with young timber club broken, suckle clear water of the infuse in boiler, burn boil, after clear water burns boil, join oatmeal, oatmeal is boiled to thick silken, boil to thick silken hind, add milk, add boils about 2 minutes, boil good swallowShanghai Long Feng forum

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After cornmeal, join nut to break can.

How is nut cornmeal done

The 2nd, metage goes out to work if really, metage good nut, filbert, Song Ren (it is ripe) , walnutmeat puts 150 degrees into oven to bake 5 minutes, oven need not warm-up, bake good firm nutlet, take out air, metage good butter, brown sugar, metage is very instant oatmeal, weak strength flour, put the firm nutlet that bakes good air air, mix syncreticForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Below, join pink of the butter with cut small bate good, brown sugar, honey, wear one-time glove to catch the stuff in salver divide evenly, warm-up oven 150 degrees, spread the cornmeal that has mixed in do not touch bake dish on, part equably as far as possible a bit, oven middle-level bakes 20 minutes 150 degrees, after baking 10 minutes, take out break upForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, color arrives have can be taken when the dot is brown, the cornmeal that has baked is put cool put Yue Mei of La Mei doing, tendril, black gallon later, mix even, put sealed bottle normal temperature can.

How is nut cornmeal done

How is nut cornmeal done? Preparation feeds capable person, nut and fruit are dry can prepare a few kinds more, oatmeal can be used unripe oaten (extend roast time) also can use fast ripe oaten, brown sugar (lumpish is hit into powder with arrange machine) with honey (or maple syrup) mix, join agitate of essence of vegetable oil, salt, herb, cinnamonic pink to come complete confluence, cornmeal and oaten shredded coconut stuffing mix, enter all syrup, mix is even (abluent hand or hand of the apply mechanically that wear a hand catch divide evenly to go to the lavatory quite) put bake dish, oven warm-up 150 degrees, bake 25 minutes or so can, specific time adjusts according to his oven. With unripe oaten and proper extend roast time, before giving heat 5 minutes crush nut a bit, put in roast, will all fruit is dry after giving heat add, break up mix mix even, break what a few agglomerating after air is cool broken, can load coal tub sealed save.

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